What do all 30 NFL teams, the 1976 Olympics, Troy Aikman and Usain Bolt all have in common?


The 1976 Olympics were the first to see the introduction of chiropractors to the medical team (The US first added a chiropractor at the 1980 Winter Games). All 30 NFL teams now have a chiropractor on staff. Additionally, Troy Aikman and Usain Bolt have been advocates of how their chiropractors have helped them in their athletic career.

Three Ways Chiropractic Care Aids in Athletics

From the professional athlete to the mom at the gym, there are three primary ways that chiropractic care can help with any type of athletics:

1. Chiropractic treatment will give you a competitive edge in sports by maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system. This in turn helps with muscle balance and strength. Additionally, adjustments can help boost some energy levels.

2. Chiropractic treatment will help with maintenance and injury prevention throughout your athletic career. It doesn’t matter the competitive level, athletes put a lot of stress and strain on their bodies every day. Regular adjustments and checkups from your chiropractor help to maintain your body at an optimal level as well as prevent possible injuries from occurring.

3. Chiropractic treatment will help your rehabilitation process go more efficiently if an injury does occur. By making sure that your spine is in proper alignment, your nervous system will be operating at peak efficiency, thus improving communication from the brain to the body. This will insure that your healing process will proceed as quickly as possible.

Competitive Edge

Athletes have been extolling the virtues of chiropractic care for years! Troy Aikman, Jerry Rice, Usain Bolt and Aaron Rodgers are all big advocates, just to name a few. In fact, Aaron Rodgers’s dad is a chiropractor, so he has actually had this advantage since he started playing. Imagine being as good at sports as Aaron Rodgers! Almost all professional sports teams now have a chiropractor on staff to help their members gain a competitive edge.
With a healthy spine and nervous system, you have the ability to train at a higher level. Your system is operating as efficiently as possible. This allows you to build more muscle, train to be faster and build more endurance.

Maintenance and Injury Prevention

Athletes can use chiropractic treatment for maintaining their bodies in a multitude of ways. Your chiropractor can help with your warm-up routine and stretches that correspond to your athletic activity. This is to ensure that your muscles are properly prepared and you have less of a chance to injure yourself.
A chiropractor will fix any misalignments, which could cause injury. Common causes of misalignments in athletes are due to the wear and tear that they put on their bodies. There are a lot of hip and lower back problems with runners and people that play high impact sports. Golf and baseball participants see disk issues due to the effort that they put into the rotation of their bodies.

Misalignments can also cause muscle imbalance. If there is an overuse of a certain muscle, your body will try to overcompensate to equal out the force. This overcompensation can result in pulls, strains and other injuries. By keeping your spine adjusted, you are eliminating any chance for this to happen.


Proper chiropractic care will help your body heal more quickly and efficiently. A properly aligned spine allows the brain to communicate with the injured area via the nervous system as effectively as possible. Because the body has an innate ability to take care of itself, this communication is of paramount importance. By operating at peak levels, the body will heal as quickly as it can.

Chiropractic Excellence

From elite professionals to pee wee football players, all athletes can benefit from regular chiropractic care. A properly aligned spine helps with healing, injury prevention, and it gives you the opportunity to push yourself to the next level in your athletic endeavors. Gain a competitive edge over your competition and start on a path to optimal health by scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor today!

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